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Water Features

The quiet gurgling hum of a gently splashing waterfall is one of the most cathartic sounds to relax the mind, body and soul. At Greening Stone, we design and install these modern waterfall creations in New York, and other stylish water features, such as fountains, ponds and streams, that add visual value to your space and introduce a therapeutic element to your home or commercial building. Establishing the element of flowing water can add that graceful feel and timeless elegance to your landscape, which is always desirable in an outdoor retreat.

Our NYC waterfall creations are innovative, unique and totally sustainable. Our designs are exclusive to each client, and incorporate uncommon design elements to deliver a totally unique water feature that inspires awe and wonder. Creating architecturally unique waterfalls is our forte, and we pride ourselves on delivering water features that are far different from normal standards, and attract admiration with their unusual structural beauty.

According to your taste, Greening Stone’s expert design team can create elaborate or simple water features that blend seamlessly with your landscape and enhance your surroundings. We structure our design plan around your individual requirements to create the perfect waterfall garden that will beautifully accent your space. To achieve this, we make use of complementary features such as rocks and plants to add dimension and beauty, while retaining functionality of the circulatory system of your waterfall garden. Floating aquatic plants such as water lilies and even ornamental fish may be included, if you desire an active ecosystem within your water feature. Still, our stand-alone waterfalls are equally as stunning as these habitable water gardens, and you can remain confident that we will always deliver an exceptional water feature.

We use only the most efficient and eco-friendly equipment available, including pumps, filters, waterproof linings and reservoirs, to create a circulatory system that will bring your waterfall to life, without adversely affecting the environment. We take care to create waterfall gardens that are easy to maintain, so your water sanctuary is always a source of pleasure and relaxation, rather than a source of frustration.

The benefits of a waterfall garden are many, with the primary being its natural beauty and dramatic effect on the appearance on your space. Such applications create visual interest that is almost seductive in how they lure you towards the feature. A waterfall garden in the middle of the bustling New York environment will serve as the perfect escape, and an opportunity to achieve peace-of-mind and tranquility while enjoying a beautiful setting.