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The lush, modern terraces and patios created by Greening Stone epitomize urban outdoor living at its finest. We provide luxury terrace gardens design in NYC, starting with the conceptualization of a space that functions well for your lifestyle, followed by the construction of your elegant outdoor space.

Modern terrace gardens are the new frontier in green architecture and design in NYC, and here at Greenstone we produce the finest green outdoor spaces befitting your cultivated eye. In executing our patios design for NYC, we make use of premium sustainable materials to create sleek decking, attractive planters, and all other architectural elements. The picturesque foliage that we use to complete the space blends seamlessly with the design and adds a hospitable appeal that encourages frequent use. Our terrace decking for Brooklyn and all other boroughs of NYC are fashioned from the finest woods and stones to add a distinct contemporary flair. This, coupled with chic, modern furnishings, transforms your space into a relaxing retreat from your busy day.

Our green terraces and patios become an extension of the indoor living space, and serve as an ornate gathering place for colleagues, family or friends. You may now entertain in a stylish, yet welcoming environment, which is as functional as it is impressive. Well-designed terrace gardens, like the ones produced by Greening Stone, also add an element of privacy to your property or building, which is especially valuable in the dense city landscape of NYC. With this added green space, your residential home or commercial building becomes closer to nature, so that you may enjoy the freshness and rejuvenation that greenery provides.

To create this inviting aura, our garden design services for Brooklyn and all other boroughs of NYC, make creative use of small trees, shrubs, lawns and ground cover to add greenery in a visually appealing manner. Other naturalistic materials such as rocks and mulch may also be used to smarten the space. Our garden designs eschew the ordinary, and improve outdoor living spaces in the most attractive and ingenious way.

Your new terrace garden with its lush foliage and elegant design will ultimately see to an improvement in the value of your property and your quality of life. It will attract the admiration of all your visitors, and the adoration of all who have the privilege of enjoying it. A decision to commission a Greening Stone terrace garden can only yield positive results, that you will certainly enjoy for many years come.