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At Greeningstone, we transform bland outdoor spaces into visually striking retreats that marry architectural beauty with sustainability. Our luxurious rooftop garden designs for NYC are functional, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

As your rooftop garden designer, Greeningstone will add valuable square footage to your property with a beautiful green outdoor space that serves as a much-needed haven in the highly dense urban environment of NYC. Our plush green sanctuaries provide the opportunity to escape from a stressful daily life and elevate your mood.

Our contemporary rooftop landscaping is the perfect balance of modern design and ecological consciousness. We utilize only the finest sustainable materials in the construction of our green roofs in NYC. Textured stones, brick and different wood tones are fashioned into stunning architectural elements to complement the plants and grasses chosen for their ability to flourish in the midst of the NYC concrete jungle. We use advanced drainage and irrigation systems to keep your foliage lush and healthy and complete the elegant design with sleek outdoor furnishing made of fabrics that will last through various types of NYC weather.

No job is too small, or too large for our purview and our client roster spans the gamut of real estate properties. We create green roofs for individual residential homes, and also large commercial buildings. We also design and implement green rooftops as commissioned by developers of apartment buildings who desire an ornate green common area.
Green roofs are seen as a welcome retreat by many city-dwellers and their presence adds equity to your property. Commissioning a Greeningstone green rooftop provides an opportunity to improve on the value of your investment.

The ecological value of green roofs is also significant, as they have been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs, and therefore energy usage, by acting as insulation. Therefore, you can mitigate the grueling summer temperatures of NYC with the addition of a beautiful green roof space. Furthermore, the various plants and grasses included in our green roof designs return much-needed oxygen to the local atmosphere, thereby, reducing your carbon footprint and directly harnessing the environmental benefits of green roofs.

Our own office building has a green roof with over 70% of the square footage consisting of sustainable plants. So we do practice what we preach.

Ultimately, our green roofs are impressive multi-functional spaces that serve to improve the quality of life in the urban landscape. The addition of green spaces have been shown to reduce stress and increase happiness, so get happy and commission a Greeningstone green roof today!