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Pavers & Decking

The pavers and decking that Greening Stone installs are not only functional as rooftop and garden flooring, but also beautiful design features themselves. Given your personal design preference and the dimensions of the space, we can deliver an elegant design solution that satisfies its purpose as long-wearing flooring while adding visual value to your space.

We utilize concrete pavers of various colors, styles and finishes to construct your custom rooftop finish and configure them into a suitable design that complements your rooftop landscape. The design possibilities are endless and we take care to create an interesting pattern that is as attractive as it is practical.

Our roof pavers in NYC are functional works of art that are strong and durable and work well for all roofing areas, as well as terraces, patios and walkways. They are an ideal complement to green roof systems, and with the current design trends of alternate finishes, you can now achieve a flooring design that you never knew pavers could deliver. From a granite-like appearance, to ones that mimic the appearance of slate, there are many new designs in pavers that you can choose from. We take your personal design aesthetic and convert that into a beautiful flooring feature that will retain its attractiveness and utility for a long time to come.

For the design and construction of garden decking for Manhattan gardens, rooftops, patios and terraces, we select only the finest woods of various grains, finishes and hues. Our NYC garden decking blends seamlessly with the landscape where they are laid and we ensure that the materials used are hardy enough to retain their beauty and functionality throughout the various extremes in New York weather.

Sleek, attractive decking can make a world of difference in the appearance of your landscape, and we take care to deliver premium deck finishing that adds a luxurious look and feel to your space. We design and construct uncommon decking solutions that will add to the splendor and magnificence of your space and serve to extend your indoor living area into the outdoors.

Once complete, your decked surface is now ready to take on heavy traffic without losing its luster or usefulness. Outdoor entertaining will be especially pleasurable when you have a gorgeous surface on which to accommodate your guests.

Ultimately, with Greening Stone as your pavers and decking provider, you can rest assured that the result will be always be exceptional in design and enduring in utility.