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With space at a premium in New York, a courtyard is an ideal way of providing a private green outdoor space for the occupants of an apartment or commercial building. Greening Stone provides courtyard design services for NYC, using striking architectural detail, premium materials and attractive foliage to create beautiful courtyards that facilitate complete serenity and space for relaxation.

By definition, a courtyard is a private unroofed space, enclosed by a building, or cluster of buildings, and has been a feature of multi-occupant buildings for centuries. We use this ancient architectural feature as a modern-day solution to the lack of green spaces in densely populated areas such as NYC.

As a courtyard designer in NYC, Greening Stone designs and builds inner, front, and back courtyards for apartments and commercial buildings that bring a taste of the outdoors into your complex and provide a break from the frenetic pace of everyday life. The sky really is the limit for these fantastic open air spaces, and we use the utmost creativity in landscape design to complement the sleek architectural details we put into your space.

The park-like spaces we create feature various types of flora and may incorporate water features, and appropriate furnishings where one can sit and enjoy the beautiful gardens. Our courtyards are perfectly suited for entertaining under the sunshine or the stars, and serve as a source of pride for the occupants of the surrounding building.

Manhattan courtyard design is our forte and we have extensive experience creating modern courtyards that pay homage to the Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial style of architecture, while still maintaining that contemporary look that is most desirable.

The flooring is often a key feature in our courtyard design, where we make use of only the finest flooring options available to add beauty and functionality to your enclosed outdoor space. Pavers, stone and wood decking are amongst the flooring options we cater for; all attractive and extremely durable options for the outdoors. We take care to select flooring that will compliment the landscaping and architectural features, while adding in design value to the entire space.

With a beautiful green courtyard in your building, one may enjoy a rejuvenated sense of community in this open-air shared space. Greening Stone will design and build your beautiful and sustainable courtyard, that will stand up to the elements and the test of time, while retaining its beauty, elegance and appeal as a private outdoor space.