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The brownstone style of home is a fixture on the New York City landscape and we deliver modern upgrades to these enduring properties that improve on their inherent classic beauty. At Greening Stone, we upgrade the façade of classic brownstones to feature beautiful and modern gardens that say, “Welcome home”, and transform the basic backyard into a relaxing retreat where homeowners can escape the fast-paced New York City life. A beautiful brownstone garden can do wonders for improving the livability and value of that particular style of home, and we deliver just that, using architectural features and a tasteful selection of foliage.

As your premium brownstone garden designer we pair shrubs, grasses and small trees with stylish planters and other garden design elements to achieve a picturesque improvement of the front façade of your brownstone and add much-needed privacy. This, in turn, adds valuable curb appeal to the property that will attract admiration from passersby.

We also make creative use of the traditionally small brownstone backyard by combining sleek architectural elements with attractive greenery to create a high-end private space that is visually appealing and totally functional. We select your plants in such a manner that you may enjoy multi-season beauty year round.

Our brownstone backyard designs for NYC are timeless in appeal and enduring in nature. They are easy to maintain, captivating and serve as a valuable extension of the indoor living space. Your private refuge is now fit for entertaining, or simply enjoying the open air in a luxurious environment.

In implementing backyard design for NYC, we create visual interest by using a mix of modern and contemporary architectural elements to transform your brownstone backyard into an admirable outdoor space. The beauty of the space will seduce you, while the functionality will keep you outdoors more than ever before. To achieve this, we select beautiful materials to complement the exquisite foliage that is artfully arranged to maximize the splendor and charm of the property. Deluxe flooring such as pavers, high-quality hardwood, and stone are integrated into the design, often serving as interesting design elements themselves. Finally, we select high-quality outdoor furniture that can withstand the temperate New York climate so that your space will retain its majesty and utility for a long time to come.

With Greening Stone as your brownstone garden designer, you can expect a regal front exterior for your home, and a stunning backyard that will retain its appeal as an elegant and useful outdoor space.