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Greening Stone is a design build firm in New York City.  With a team of over 30 experienced employees Greening Stone has become the quintessence of green design. We have established a benchmark for landscape design and greenscapes throughout the tri-state area. We are a dedicated design/build subdivision of  www.interiorfoliage.com

Our focus is the design and construction of green spaces for residential and commercial properties. We specialize in:

Our work spans the Tri-State area, specifically:

Greening Stone’s Commitment to the Environment:

We recognize that a focus on sustainable practices is crucial to our success. We are continually exploring fresh and innovative ways to optimize efficiency and reduce our energy consumption, our water usage and waste footprint. From our facilities and vehicles to the products we sell and services we provide, Greening Stone is committed to promoting environmental awareness, good habits and sound judgments in our employees and customers alike.

How do we think about energy consumption?

We see ourselves as obvious good will ambassadors to the green industry, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to make the best possible choice when and wherever it effects our environment – That means Low fuel emissions vehicles/cargo vans, most of our company-owned sedans have now been transitioned to hybrids, and whenever possible, we hire vendors and provide products who adhere to policies and practices intended to reduce Co2 emissions, as well as responsible recycling practices.

What practices are in place to ensure supplies are environmentally friendly?

We have installed a green roof on one of our two facilities, and the domestic hot water in our offices, floral division and warehouse are heated by solar/photo voltaic. Our principal product is plants and flowers, so our carbon footprint is likely better than 90 % of other businesses simply due to the product being one that provides oxygen, rather than using or reducing it. However, we are very careful to use suppliers of containers/planters that adhere to their own environmental practices, and since we are often called upon to construct hardscapes (ie: decking/planters/seating) for our exterior landscape projects and special events, we are very careful to use materials (especially woods and metals) that are reclaimed/recycle and, if unable to use recycled materials, we make sure the woods used are not in any way considered to be endangered.

If your interest is in Orchids for delivery please see our sister company www.theorchidcollection.com